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Friday, March 30, 2012

Empty Bowls Gets Underway as Community Support Pours In

Empty Bowls Gets Underway as Community Support Pours In

Thanks to our Deli customers, we were able to prepare and donate 5% of the Soup served this year. "It Takes A Village" in action.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Limbaugh Launched 46 Personal Attacks On Fluke; He Apologized For Two Words

Limbaugh Launched 46 Personal Attacks On Fluke; He Apologized For Two Words

Take Limbaugh Off KXYL, Brownwood, Texas? Why would KXYL owners do that when he is so popular with the locals?

see petition here

see report here

Rush Limbaugh "Honary Texan" News

This Politically Incorrect sticker, for many years, has been displayed prominently in our Deli.

Brownwood Restaurateur Starts "Take Limbaugh Off KXYL, Brownwood, Texas" petition.

See it here:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tom Ford -Austin/Brownwood/Samta Fe and Beyond

Tom Ford shares his guilty pleasures - ES Magazine - Life & Style - Evening Standard

Tom Ford and Madonna to speak up for the gay community - Telegraph

Tom Ford Takes a Stand Against Bullies

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. He grew up mostly in Santa Fe, but was greatly influenced by his family's Texas heritage. At 17, he landed in New York and loved the flashy gay clubbing scene he found. After graduating form Parsons School of Design in 1985, he went on to work in fashion. He is famous for turning around the Gucci fashion house and creating his own label.

Early Life

Fashion designer. Born Thomas Carlyle Ford on August 27, 1961, in Austin, Texas. His parents, Tom Ford, Sr. and Shirley Bunton, both worked as real estate agents, and Ford spent much of his childhood at his grandparents' ranch in the dusty town of Brownwood, Texas. His favorite childhood pastimes included lying out by his grandparents' pool and visiting Ralph the Swimming Pig—a popular tourist attraction in nearby Aquarena Springs. Ford also took an early interest in art and painting. "I was always very visual, always interested in design," he recalls. "I don't mean that I sat around at age 5 sketching clothes. But if my parents went out to dinner and left me alone, I would rearrange all the living room furniture before they came back home." Ford says that his parents "encouraged me to do anything. If I wanted art lessons, they found paint and a teacher."

Ford had two early role models in fashion: his mother and grandmother. "My mother was very chic, very classic," he recalls. "My paternal grandmother was very stylish in a very Texas way—everything big and flashy, from jewelry to car." Ford would later combine those two styles as he reinvented Gucci's image in the mid-1990s. "The images of beauty you get in your childhood stick with you for life," Ford later explained. "So there's a certain flashiness at Gucci—Texas-inspired—with a certain Western feel."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our "Hog and Hominy" Duo @ Canines, Cats and Cabernet Fundraiser

Our "Hog and Hominy" dishes served last night were inspired by the Legendary Edna Ferber who said “We know about champagne and caviar but we talk hog and hominy.” (see Giant, Ch2.)

"Snickers" and the Steves.

Here's the recipe for the Green Chile Hominy Casserole.
Hominy - Green Chile Casserole Recipe - - 15195

The Beer Brats we served were Johnsonville Beer Brats in a Shiner Bock Beer Bath!

Let's bring the "Johnsonville Big Taste Grill" to Brownwood!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Abilene Minister Murdered by Cowardly Secession Talking/Liberal Hating Conservative

Bob, a Liberal hating/Marcavage supporting, Wolf in Sheeps (Renata) Clothing!

read more here regarding Marcavage

The Bizarre Tale of Renata Monet

Rev. Karen Johnson, a bridge builder in a wall builder area!

An Open Letter Demanding Secession!
Secesh Bob L'Aloge
read more here

Are you angry enough now to insist on the Secession from this New
World Order and their faggot loving government officials?

I remain your fellow Confederate and Patriot...

© 2001 B. A. L'Aloge
Historical Journalist & Ordained Theologian
read more here

What's All That Secession Ruckus in Texas?

What's All That Secession Ruckus in Texas?
La'Loge made a living by traveling and selling books at gun shows.

read more here

reading room here

verb \ə-ˈsa-sə-ˌnāt\
Definition of ASSASSINATE
transitive verb
: to injure or destroy unexpectedly and treacherously
: to murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons
— as·sas·si·na·tion \-ˌsa-sə-ˈnā-shən\ noun
— as·sas·si·na·tor \-ˈsa-sə-ˌnā-tər\ noun

Did the Abilene "Lighthouse", under the direction of Barton Cromeens, really lead you to believe that Rev. Karen Johnson was murdered by a Transgender?

Is the E.W. Scripps Lighthouse Fading?
read more here

Did the Abilene Police Department, under the direction of Brownwood Native Stan Standridge, really lead you to believe that Rev. Karen Johnson was murdered by a Transgender?

Gun Sales Rise In Texas As NRA Spouts Anti-Obama Fantasies

We Liberally and Publicly Support President Obama even though it is very Politically Incorrect to do so in the Brownwood area!

read more here: Since taking office, President Obama has actually expanded gun owners’ rights — the most significant guns legislation he signed was a law allowing people to carry guns in national parks. Nevertheless, the chance that he could win a second term reportedly is pushing gun owners to stockpile guns. “People are terrified he’s going to get [...]/p
Mark Green is right on the money!

Mark Greene, hunter and former member of Gun Owners for Obama, disagrees. He said he still owns guns - and still supports Obama.

"And I still have very little in common with the fear-mongers and bunker-mentality gun nuts who will tell any lie they think they can get away with to try and bring down this president they hate so vehemently and irrationally," he said.

Information from: Fort Worth Star-Telegram,

Others credit the spike in sales to tax refunds and National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show, which chronicles people preparing for the end of the world.


Brownwood Sales Tax Numbers Are Up - Abilene News Story - KTXS Abilene

Brown County, Texas and Obama STIMULUS

White House Garden Yields a Ton of Produce, Literally!

Team Obama gets it! The community garden in poverty rich Brownwood Texas (funded with Stimulus funds) is doing great and really serving those who need it most. Some of the produce is provided to the Salvation Army "Loaves and Fishes" program. Thanks to Team Obama and many forward thinking folks across our country, good things are happening.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birder knows the hole truth - Home/Garden -

Our funky & ecletic building facade has been inspiring local artists since 1996! Here's a gourd we grew, gave away, and was recntly returned to us as a birdhouse. All creative and inspired artists are local!

Birder knows the hole truth - Home/Garden -

If you grow it they will come!
Hecho en Brownwood Tejas!

Saturday, March 3, 2012