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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Texas climate change solution: God

The Texas climate change solution: God

Love that Patsy Cline

Watch below linked clip and you'll better understand the Brownwood area Lee Atwater/Arthur Finkelstein style politics ! It's crazy but it works well for those in positions of power !

Democratic consultant Tyler Jones showed up at a South Carolina Tea Party rally on Monday, camera in hand.

As reported by Dave Weigel at Slate, Jones “interviewed around 25 people total and probably 75 percent of them said they were supporting Donald Trump, and just about every single person is a birther.”

Jones then edited his footage down to six minutes of pure Tea Party delerium.

Democratic consultant captures Tea Party on video in its native haunts | Raw Replay

Friday, April 8, 2011

Historic Downtown Brownwood Power Outage

Our, SM&D's, Email to ONCOR

On Tuesday April 5th, around 11am CST, many Downtown Brownwood
residents and businesses experienced a two hour power outage.

Two questions we'd like to have answered:

1) How many electric metered customers lost power during this 2 hour
blackout ?
2) What was the cause of the 2 hour blackout ?


Steves' Market & Deli
Steve Harris & Steven Puckett
ONCOR's response

P.O. Box 660476
Dallas, TX 75266-0476

April 8, 2011

Re: Service Outage

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as confirmation that based on Oncor Electric Delivery Company’s records, the below-specified address experienced a power outage as indicated:

Steve’s Market & Deli/ Steve Squared
110 E. Chandler St.
Brownwood, TX 76801

ESI No. 10443720002225304

The power outage began at approximately 11:21 AM April 5, 2011 and was restored at approximately 1:41 PM April, 5, 2011. The power outage was caused by a device failure (jumper). The power outage affected approximately 1,191 customers in the area.

Should you need further assistance, you may contact our office at 1-888-313-6862.


Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC
Customer Contact Center

Was this power outage reported by the Brownwood Bulletin or ?